About Us

I'm Andy, the Founder of Rebel Apothecary. Rebel Apothecary was born out of love for my family.  I was in a career that required me to travel over half of the year and I wasn't able to be present for my wife and daughters in order to be who they deserved. Once my wife gave birth to our twin boys, I knew that a change was coming.  Rebel Apothecary is a family run business and we do everything in our favorite part of the country, the Pacific Northwest.  

I had tried for years to grow a beard and would end up giving up within a few weeks because I felt itchy and had dry, flaky skin. All of the beard products that I tried made me smell like turpentine, were filled with things I couldn't pronounce, and were extremely overpriced. I set out to find a solution. I knew that there had to be a way to condition my skin and beard, and also smell amazing at an affordable price. After extensive research and a lot of trial and error, our beard oils were created.

The Base Oils in Rebel Apothecary products did amazing things for my beard and both my wife and I love the scents in our collection.  We are proud to produce world class products and hope that you are as proud to use them as we are to make them.

Be a rebel and live a life worth living.



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